Jobs in South Korea

Open positions

Areas of activity

  • Technical Sales

    Are you interested in challenging the status quo? Then stop selling a product and start delivering a solution. Work in a high-tech environment to empower our customers with sustainable solutions and make their successes ours.

  • Quality Management

    As a Quality Engineer, you will test and verify our products and be responsible for ensuring that Sensirion remains the top supplier of innovative and high-quality sensor solutions. The activity requires not only a technical understanding, but also problem solving skills, precision, self-management and priority setting.

  • Research and Development

    As a part of our R&D team you are responsible for diverse, mostly international, projects, and play an active role in the development and implementation of new products and processes. In our lab you will be carrying out various experiments and measurement evaluations as well as working on innovative prototypes.

Working in the heart of Seoul

Located next to the Hanshin IT Tower, our Seoul office offers a vibrant work environment. Enjoy proximity to Seoul's bustling streets filled with restaurants and shops, and with the office close to efficient transportation hubs, commuting is easy. Our workspace offers modern amenities such as collaborative meeting areas and comfortable spaces for relaxation, fostering a dynamic and balanced work environment in the heart of Seoul's tech hub.

What we offer

  • Bonus in shares and cash

    You can receive your bonus in cash or enjoy a slice of Sensirion’s success with shares.

  • Flexible working

    Your working hours are flexible and depending on your job you have the opportunity to work from home.

  • Free parking

    If you commute by car, enjoy free parking as part of our commitment to your comfort and convenience at work.

  • Save on your mobile costs

    We help cover the your mobile costs, ensuring seamless connectivity with no additional financial burden.

  • Free lunch, coffee and snacks

    In our own cafeteria, you will benefit from free lunch and an abundance of snacks and coffee.

  • Make a difference in your job

    Together, we make the world better.  Contribute your ideas, make a difference and take responsibility.